Building and Facilities

The building covers an area of almost 4 000 square metres comprising eight (8) classrooms, four (4) offices, ablution block, in-house masjid, library, toilet and shower block, sixteen (16) dormitory rooms, kitchen and dining, three (3) store rooms, an in-house guest wing and a multi purpose hall.


Current enrolment at the Centre stands at 200 students, who are all boarders. 


Students accepted at the Boys Centre undertake a two-phase, five-year course in Islamic education, while at the same time receive secular education through the Iqra Academy Academy for Secondary Level Studies operational within the Centre.


The Educational Curriculum of the Centre aims at producing capable Islamic Teachers, Preachers, Huffaz, and Imaams to cater for the ever-growing Muslim population in Zimbabwe, and also to make the Muslim youth law-abiding, useful and worthy citizens of the country.  Numerous selected students are prepared for higher Islamic studies abroad while many others are trained as Madrassah teachers and Imaams.  To date, about ten to fifteen former students of the Centre have graduated from International Islamic universities.  Some of them have since joined the teaching staff at the Centre, whereas others have been appointed elsewhere within Zimbabwe and in neighbouring countries. 

Academic Section

Early in 1996 the IQRA ACADEMY was established and registered with the Ministry of Education as an Independent Academic College with the main aim of providing secondary level secular/academic studies for the Centre's students. A total of eight secular subjects are offered at Ordinary Level (O's) and six at advanced level (A's).