Da'wah Programmes

Regular programs are organized and undertaken by teachers and students of the Daarul Ilm, to the rural and high density areas.

The format of conducting the program is that the Da'wah Coordinator visits the area at least two weeks in advance to finalize details of the program.  Thereafter, the whole Muslim community of the locality as well as those living in the neighbouring localities are invited to the mosque or Islamic Centre.  The program would start at about 9:00am and end at about 3:00pm.  During that period lectures on various Islamic issues are presented.

It is also during such programs that the needs of the particular Muslim community are identified and assistance rendered where possible.  In some areas which were affected by drought, foodstuffs were distributed.  At the end of the program, some gifts such as clothing, hijaab for ladies, school uniforms and books for children are distributed to all participants.  During 1998, thirteen such programs were successfully executed and in 1999, twelve programs have been conducted.

Rowing Da'wah Officers

In order to reach and locate Muslim communities, identifying their needs, aspirations and to convey the message of Islam to them, Majlisul Ulama has appointed Rowing Da'wah Officers: one each province of the country.  Every month for three weeks, each Da'wah Officer is assigned a route to go out on, he then reports back at the month-end.  From May 2000, when the program commenced, to date these Da'wah Officers have reached out to almost all areas of the country.