The Tarbiyah program launched in 1994, is designed to provide basic Islamic studies to those members of the Muslim community who for any reason cannot undertake formal full-time Islamic studies.  The courses are held during the school holidays. 

Initially the program was confined to the youth only (both boys and girls), whereby participants would be required to board at the Daarul Ilm throughout the entire period of the program, which is usually two weeks.  Thereafter, special courses for the elderly were introduced to run concurrently with those of the youth.  However, elderly classes are now being held on a monthly basis since the beginning of 1999.

The syllabus of the Tarbiyah program is divided into two levels.  Level one and level two.  Each level covers various topics in Islamic disciplines of Seerah, Hadeeth, Holy Qur'aan, Fiqh, Social Etiquettes and General Islamic teachings.  At the end of the course, participants are awarded with certificate of attendance as well as cash prizes and gifts. 

The Daarul Ilm was found to be the most ideal place for conducting the program due to the availability of suitable infrastructure which has separate boarding facilities for (both) men and women.  Also, the availability of highly trained and qualified lecturers was an added bonus.  So far, thousands of muslims have benefitted from the program over the years.