About Us

Introduction And Background

The Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe is a registered Islamic Welfare Organization founded in 1975.  Its membership comprises of Islamic Scholars, Madrassah Teachers, Imaams, as well as other Religious Personnel serving the Muslim community in Zimbabwe.

DAARUL ILM (Islamic Educational Centre)

Early in 1976, the need for organizing methodical dissemination of authentic Islamic teachings and protecting Islamic values, was realized and training classes in Islamic studies were commenced, using some temporary facilities. 

In October 1977, a plot of land was acquired on Beatrice Road (now S. Mazorodze Road), Waterfalls, Harare 8kms from the city centre which saw the establishment of the Daarul Ilm. 

Presently the following centres/projects are operational, in this twenty-acre complex, under the Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe, with a total combined enrolment of almost 360 students. 

Boys Training Centre, Academy for Secondary Level Studies, Girls Training Centre, Children's Home (Orphanage); Creche and Day Centre (nursery) and Computer Centre.