The need for a centre of higher learning has been very great in the whole Matabeleland region (southern province of Zimbabwe) and with Bulawayo being the largest city there, as well as the second largest city of Zimbabwe, the Majlisul Ulama felt it would the best choice for the second Daarul Ilm in the country. Bulawayo is approx 420kms south west of Harare.

The resolution to go ahead with this project was unanimously adopted by the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting of the Majlisul Ulama held in June 2004.

Alhamdulillah, in August 2004 a piece of land measuring 9.5acres was acquired, in Barham Green, Bulawayo, just behind the ZBC Montrose studios. This was purchased from the City of Bulawayo and immediate permission for the establishment of a residential educational centre was obtained.


By the will and help of Allah Almighty, the following progress has already been made: 

  • The survey of the land was carried out in  October 2004.
  • In February 2005, a borehole was drilled on site, by the contribution of one family. Alhamdulillah, there is an abundance of water - 1500 gallons per hour.
  • The construction of the boundary wall around the land has been completed.
  • ZESA mains electrical supply will shortly be connected.
  • The construction of the caretakers building which has a facility for storage of construction materials has been completed.


The architectural and engineering plans for the construction of phase one which will be the Boys Centre have been drawn up, completed and approved by the City Authorities. Alhamdulillah construction work has commenced and is progressing at very good pace. 

This will be a double storey building with the following facilities : offices, classrooms, library, wudhu facilities, masjid, dormitories, kitchen, dining hall, showers and toilets.